Shining A Light on Science at Newington

Children were dazzled by the amazing properties of light as they explored their latest science learning at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

Sixteen girls and boys aged between seven and eleven took part in the Light Fantastic workshop delivered by the Discovery Planet team at their newest pop-up centre in the town’s High Street.

The Newington team that represented years 3,4, 5 and 6 investigated the properties of light and used lasers and mirrors to solve maze challenges.

They also built their own periscopes while learning about reflection and how it can be utilised in more ways than just doing their hair.

The pupils were fascinated by the experience and enjoyed visiting this latest centre run by the acclaimed learning crew that has presented a range of scientific-educational experiences around the area in recent years.

Teacher James Green said: “This kind of provision is important to tap into children’s talents and interests – giving them the opportunity to really explore a subject they are interested in.

“It would seem we do indeed have lots of budding scientists at Newington who all said how much they enjoyed finding out how light works and the new information they had learned.

“The children had an incredible time, and the staff were encouraging, enthusiastic and helpful. I highly recommend going to one of their weekend walk-in workshops.”


Head Teacher Hannah Tudor believes that children benefit from a diverse range of learning opportunities. She said: “We offer our girls and boys lots of different ways of learning, and educational trips are key among them.

“This science workshop added a new dimension to their learning and underpinned what they are learning in class very well – and they also had great fun.”

Discovery Planet online says the team “brings inspirational, enriching and creative experiences to the heart of communities. At the same time as providing an accessible way to learn, we animate and re-imagine public spaces, and provide a focus around which organisations and individuals can pull together to make their local area a better place.

“We pop-up in surprising places such as empty shops, market stalls, and community halls, to bring you inspiring and fun-filled STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths) and heritage activities.  We collaborate with leading scientific institutions and industry professionals, to ensure that content is relevant and up-to-date.

“We partner with local grassroots organisations in order to reach audiences who would otherwise experience barriers to participation. Along the way we have smashed flowers, put our heads in real clouds, eaten beetles and much more.”



**For more information, contact Head Teacher Hannah Tudor on (01843) 593412.