Beating the Heat for Charity

It may have been one of the hottest days of the summer but teaching assistants from Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate were cool and determined to succeed in the Race For Life.

Amy Chinn, Eve Goldsmith, Sasha Roberts and Gemma Powell made a pledge to remember family, friends and colleagues in the charity run for Cancer Research UK.

They joined many other women wearing distinctive pink running tops as they gathered for the start of the race on the clifftop at Palm Bay at Cliftonville on Sunday.

The scenic 5km coastal route was a tough challenge as temperatures nudged towards the mid 80 degrees F but the Newington team ran, trotted and jogged their way to the finish line.

Eve said: “We have raised just over £400 so far but donations are still coming in so we haven’t got an actual total as yet.

“It was an extremely hot day which made it even tougher than usual but with encouragement from each other and team work, we made it to the end.

“This charity is close to everyone’s heart and we all have people we were doing it for including our own Jo Kettle and Kathy Walker-Smith.”


Head Teacher Cliff Stokes, an experienced marathon runner, said: “I have the highest praise for our team. It was a very warm day and that really can sap your strength.

“They showed the sort of determination and enthusiasm that goes hand in hand with our Newington Winners ethos that is followed by pupils and staff.

“Eve, Amy, Sasha and Gemma are rightly proud of their achievements – the whole school praises them for their great effort for a hugely worthwhile charity.”


**For more information, contact Head Teacher Cliff Stokes on (01843) 593412.