Newington Spellbound by Harry

The magic of Harry Potter has cast its spell over Newington community junior school in Ramsgate

The entrance and reception area became Diagon Alley and Honeydukes sweet shop while the main hall was recreated to resemble Hogwarts School.

Newington went Harry Potter crazy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first story by author J K Rowling, with witches, wizards and muggles all invited to a special celebration to mark the start of Newington Book Week.

Pupils and families took part in a Quidditch game, attended a wand wizardry class, tried out the school’s own sorting hat, made a Hogwarts tie and Harry Potter glasses, and had their photos taken at the famous 9 3/4 railway platform. There was also a chance to visit Ollivanders Wand Shop, make a magic bath bomb, play a sorting hat game and go on a Dobby’s sock hunt.

There were also a prize draw and raffle with official Harry Potter wands and scarves for the lucky winners.

Among the Harry Potter characters were eight year old Kate dressed as Hermione who said: “It is a brilliant day. There’s so much to do and it is great to dress up.” Bobby, ten, was in his Harry Potter robe and specs. Brandishing a wand, he said: “The books and films are really good. It is fantastic to see our school transformed into parts of the story like this.”

As part of the celebration, pupils wrote letters to JK Rowling telling the author about their special day, and there was a film of JK Rowling interviews playing out for pupils and visitors to watch.

Family Liaison Officer Alison Stevens co-ordinated the day. She said: “I am a real fan of the Harry Potter stories. It was decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first story as part of our Book Week with a little event, and by magic it just grew and grew.

“We have made lots of props and costumes and games and decorations to recreate some of the most popular parts of the stories. It has been a lot of hard work but it is really worth it when you see the reaction and feel the excitement.


 “I would like to say a big thanks to all the staff who helped create such a magical setting and atmosphere, to our brilliant pupils and to their families and friends for their support.”


**For more information, contact Head Teacher Cliff Stokes on 01843 593412.