Newington Secondary School Plan Under Way

 A new secondary school for Ramsgate has been officially proposed to the Government by Newington community primary school.

Detailed plans for Newington Secondary School – that will be built on extensive land at the primary site – have been submitted to the Department for Education.

It will offer a balanced education programme for 600 students in year groups of 120, from Years 7 to 11. The target opening date is September 2018.

This application represents many months of dedication and hard work. To complete the lengthy application, the Newington Community Primary School team wrote detailed education plans and budgets, explain why the school is needed by the community, and demonstrated that it has local support.

Newington Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “There is a burning desire from parents and families for quality secondary provision for their children in this part of Ramsgate.

“More secondary places are needed locally, and we will provide outstanding education as a springboard for success for future generations of young people.

“Each year I am asked by pupils preparing to leave our primary school, and their parents, if we can create a continual learning stream that will take them right through to GCSE examinations in Year 11. They love the Newington way and do not want to leave us.

“The benefits of an all-through school from nursery to Year 11 have been proven around the UK. At Newington we have a deep knowledge of our children and their families from when they join us at three-years-old.

“There will be a smooth progression from primary to secondary, a seamless transition without the disruption of leaving a primary school and starting all over again in a different and unknown secondary school.”

Mr Stokes, who has been head at Newington for ten years, has received “huge support” for the proposal from the community, staff and governors, including 100 per cent backing in a questionnaire completed by hundreds of parents.

He added: “This will be a new challenge for pupils, delivered the Newington way, with opportunities and encouragement to aim higher in their academic aspirations. The curriculum will be balanced for all abilities and it will be largely academic-focussed.

“Our teaching and learning at primary level is for personalised learning and this creates happy and successful pupils – this ethos will continue with them on their secondary journey.”

The application is also supported by national education charity New Schools Network, whose Interim Director Sarah Pearson said: “Newington community primary school has worked tirelessly to prepare an application for the Department for Education and we hope they will have the chance to put their plans into action and see their vision of a fantastic new school realised.

“There are now more than 500 free schools open or approved to open across the country and the momentum of the programme continues to increase. These schools are proving popular with parents and are providing good new school places where they are needed.”

If the application is approved, the next stage is a rigorous interview with the Department for Education, prior to the potential green light for opening.



**For more information, contact Head Teacher Cliff Stokes on 01843 593412.