Maths Week Adds Up To Family Learning

 Parents have been welcomed back to the classroom to explore how their children are progressing in Maths and to find out more about the subject at Newington community primary school, Ramsgate.

The annual Maths Week for the whole school from Nursery to Year 6, gives parents a chance to sit in and be involved with lessons, while special workshops for parents-only offers advice and encouragement on how they can best help and support their children’s learning.

A new innovation at Newington is online streaming via the school’s Internet platforms. The workshops are filmed giving parents who cannot attend the chance to still be part of the learning programme.

And the school has also designed information presentations in Maths that parents can access via a special online app that will answer any basic Maths queries they or their children have while they are at home.

Tom Broughton is one of the Maths Week lead teachers. He said: “The idea is for parents to engage more with Maths and find out how to enjoy and support learning of the subject by their children.

“It is also a great way for adults to break down barriers they may have to the subject from when they are at school – Maths is taught in a positive, fun and informative way at Newington.”

The school is pioneering the Shanghai Maths programme rated as the best in the world. It is described as the most effective way of teaching the subject by the Programme for International Student Assessment, given the huge leaps in ability demonstrated by pupils in China who are up to three years ahead of comparable children around the globe.

The key is all about the depth of understanding of the subject that they receive – it is not about ‘doing Maths’ but much more about ‘thinking mathematically’.

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “The programme develops a much deeper understanding of skills that will benefit the children throughout their lives. It encourages them to question more deeply.”

Teachers from around the UK have visited Newington to find out more about how effective the Shanghai system is.

Mr Stokes said: “We pride ourselves on giving our children the very best start in life and we all believe that our Maths programme helps them immeasurably in a very important curriculum subject.”



**For more information, contact Head Teacher Cliff Stokes on 01843 593412.