Colourful Book Characters Come To Life

 Top children’s authors Michael Rosen and Francesca Simon added their support to the colourful and varied programme of events for the annual Newington community primary school Book Week.

In an online message prolific poet and writer Mr Rosen said: “Read widely and often. It helps you in so many ways.”

And Francesca Simon, creator of the Horrid Henry series and a trustee of the World Book Day charity, urged pupils to: “Read, read, read. Get your library cards and use your book tokens for World Book Day.”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “These messages have inspired our children. They are familiar with the authors and their brilliant stories. To have them encouraging our children and supporting our literacy programme is terrific.”

On World Book Day the school became living chapters from books and poems as pupils and staff dressed as a range of colourful characters from their favourite stories. The children’s costumes included Little Bo Peep, a range of super heroes, pirates, The Cat In The Hat, Toy Story, Where’s Wally, Mary Poppins, Fantastic Mr Fox, the Hulk, and Wizard of Oz.

Staff characters included three blind mice and the farmer’s wife, 101 Dalmatians, Snow White, the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit, Dobby and other Harry Potter characters, Red Riding Hood, the BFG, Mr Incredible, and Alien Hair Underpants.

The week began with a Harry Potter themed literacy event with a range of activities in the school hall and reception that was redecorated to resemble scenes from the Hogwarts stories.

Parents and families actively engaged with events all week with special reading afternoons held throughout.

Staff also took it in terms to read sections from their favourite books in Newington Jackanory, and these were filmed and streamed online, with children voting for their favourite.


Mr Stokes added: “Encouraging a love of reading is very important. The children have gained so much from this special week – but at Newington reading is not just for Book Week, it is for every day of every week.

“In an increasingly hectic world parents do not always have time to read to their children. We devote a special section of our Book Week programme for just this activity.

“Encouraging our parents to experience the real joy of spending quality time reading and sharing with their children is so important. It is a special moment that means so much.”


**For more information, contact Head Teacher Cliff Stokes on 01843 593412.